Our Story
T N D Foods Industry Co.,Ltd. is branch factory of Domoto Foods Co.,Ltd. in Thailand.

     Our business is manafacturing and selling of processed food, which mainly are side dish and tsukudani made from bamboo shoot, sweet potato, leaf mustard, sanma fish, asari clam etc.

     We have experience in removal of foreign matter and food processing for 30 years.  Most of our products could be kept 180 days at room temperature or refrigerated temperature in unopened condition. Our products are sold in Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia etc.

     In the future, we will continue to use this know-how and be involved in the production of food products as we have in the past.

We are always open for new opportunity. Through our website, we would like to share our vision,

know-how and experience withyou, so that we can work together to fulfill your requirement

and try our best to support your business.

Our Solutions
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